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Below are a few of my most recently published books. Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

new 2020 swiss diet coverSM_edited_edite

2020 Swiss Diet

In this book I will try to explain where we have gone wrong with our diets by looking at the diet of the Swiss who have the lowest rate of obesity in the OEDC.


This is an update of a previous book I wrote back in 2014.

The book examines the Swiss diet and life style. 
​I explain how the Swiss eating their traditional foods manage to remain healthy and slim.

Cover Life in CH_edited.jpg

Life in Switzerland 2020

I have lived in Switzerland for more than 30 years. This book tells the story of my life in Switzerland.


As a foreigner I am able to write with first hand knowledge of what its really like to live in Switzerland.

New Version


Update coming Soon
dinner for one ibooks cover.jpg

Dinner for One

Cooking a great dinner for one need not be a hassle.

With tips and tricks on how to buy, store and prepare just enough food for a single serve.

Dinner for One can show you how you can enjoy the meals you love and throw away your frozen packaged dinner lifestyle for good.​


Each recipe has been perfectly proportioned for one serve

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