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Have you translated your web site from another language into English?



After viewing the 'translated' text from hundreds of web sites, I can tell you that the quality of the English translation matters.

Incorrect English, with grammatical errors, gives the impression of a lack of professionalism and attention to detail, whereas a site translated into correct English immediately makes a good impression and the English speaking buyer is more likely to view your offers in a positive light.


When you write in your native language you know exactly the message you want to give and choose your words carefully. If your translation has been done by a non-native speaker the result is often stilted. Indeed, translations that are too “similar” to the original, while not necessarily incorrect, do not sound natural to a native English speaker's ear. 


Worse still, many machine translations are just downright wrong! English is my mother tongue and my English is elegant and functional. I am a published author of English language books and also an experienced copywriter for the high end tourist market.



I can provide editing of translations for companies wishing to sell their products or services to English speaking clients. 
eMail your requirements and I can give you a quote.


I can translate your entire website into English. Costs will depend on the work involved.
eMail a link to the website you want checked and I can give you an estimate of cost.


Need help with individual writing in English?
I can write your business letter, resume/CV or personal letter in English for you.

Let me know what you need and I can give you an estimate of cost.

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